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All Patients are asked to arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled appointment in order to complete consultation forms


Our medical care is enhanced by the use of Botox, which is a highly effective treatment for various medical conditions that cause premature aging. Botox can effectively alleviate frown lines caused by tension headaches, migraines, or squinting well as facial sagging and collagen loss due to teeth clenching. With prices starting at £380, you can trust us to provide you the best possible care

Botox in Manchester


Dermal Fillers are a highly effective solution for reducing signs of ageing, such as fine lines and skin folds. They are also a powerful medical tool for facial rejuvenation, restoring volume to areas and enhancing natural features without any obvious signs of treatment. You can get started with a 1ml syringe of Dermal Filler for just £499


Our injectable lipo therapy is the perfect solution for treating localised fat pockets in most areas. As time passes, fat cells can disrupt the lymphatic system of your body, which is responsible for balancing bodily fluids to prevent infections. However, with our treatment, you can effectively eliminate these fat cells and prevent blockages that can lead to infections, hinder wound healing, and cause conditions like fibrosis. Prices start at just £495, so don't hesitate to book your appointment today!


Profhilo is an incredibly effective treatment that stimulates the body's natural collagen cells, resulting in a tightening effect on the skin that reduces laxity associated with ageing. It can also help in the treatment of scar tissue. With prices starting at just £400, it's an excellent investment in your skin's health and appearance.


Polynucleotides are a cutting-edge solution in Regenerative Aesthetic Medicine, delivering exceptional outcomes for skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, and enhanced skin quality. Our prices for these treatments start from £450 and go up to £700.


Our Signature Lift treatment is the perfect solution for those who want to achieve a, refreshed look. As we age, our skin can become loose, wrinkled, and crepey, but our treatment can help you regain your youthful appearance. Our doctors are trained by Miss Amber, a renowned expert in the field, and use her signature technique, the Liquid Facelift or MD Codes, which is a quick treatment with minimal downtime. Prices start from £1,400 to £2,900. Don't wait any longer to experience the amazing results of our Signature Lift treatment!



Our clinic is the most experienced center in the UK for SILHOUTE SOFT® THREAD LIFT, which is a highly effective solution to lift sagging facial skin, neck and jowls without the downtime typically associated with surgical facelifts. With prices starting from £1,800 to £4,300, we offer the best value for this treatment.

Silhouette soft thread lift


At our clinic, we offer top-notch diagnosis and treatment services for a variety of hair and skin conditions. Our expert Consultant Dermatologist, Dr. Lee, leads a comprehensive evaluation to address all your concerns, from minor facial blemishes to serious conditions like Skin Cancer, Rosacea, Psoriasis, Eczema, and Alopecia. You don't have to live with skin problems anymore - take charge of your skin health with us. Prices start from £350.


We are confident in our ability to provide the best care for hyperpigmentation our expertise and advanced chemical peels and laser devices. Accurate diagnosis is crucial before treatment, and we ensure that we get it right. Our prices range from £350 to £1,500.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP therapy is a highly effective and safe treatment that can support wound healing for trauma and joint injuries, as well as address male pattern baldness, stimulate hair transplant growth, and enhance other cosmetic procedures. The results of PRP treatment are noticeable within weeks for joint injections and six months for scalp injections, and additional injections may be necessary. PRP injections are safe and can be used or in combination with other treatments, with ranging from £350 to £1,800.

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