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MEDISPA is a highly reputable medical spa and skin clinic in the UK directed by Dr Lee, offering a comprehensive range of face and body treatments. Our services include cutting-edge non-invasive and minimally invasive technologies, as well as cosmetic surgery options, all tailored to meet your individual needs. Our medical professionals established MEDISPA in 2014, and we have received numerous industry and consumer awards in recognition of our exceptional work.



MEDISPA has established a culture and ethos that prioritises client centered quality, innovation, and results. At the core of our brand lies a deep commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients. With unwavering passion for the latest advancements, ensures that all our clinics are equipped with the most advanced machines, products, and protocols. We subject all new treatments and technologies to rigorous internal testing to guarantee that our clients receive tangible results and remain loyal to our brand.

While anti-aging and skin treatments remain our most popular over cosmetic surgery solutions, we have embraced an "inner health for outer beauty" philosophy that underpins our clinic's menu. This approach includes proactive health offerings such as colonics and vitamin infusions, which complement our industry-leading treatments. Furthermore, we offer an extensive range of evidence-based, highly active, cosmeceutical grade skincare products like ZO Skin health that deliver long-lasting results.

Dermal Fillers in Manchester by Miss Amber

We tell stories of character & confidence

The confidence to be seen for who you truly are, the confidence and conviction you have in your choices, allowing you to realise your true potential.



Emma Hays

Really pleased with the results after my consultation i was happy to go ahead i am really happy i still look like myself but a better version 

Nadia Malik

I had pigmentation concerns i was treated by the Dr with skin peels and pixel laser now its all gone and i am on a zo skin care regime my skin looks great i am so happy thanks

Anna Leslie

My grandchildren said i looked sad which made me feel miserable i didnt want to look unnatural the Dr reassured me and gave me the results i wanted very pleased great service

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